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Life has a way of presenting us with challenges we don't expect. 


  • You are struggling with how to best parent your infant, child, or teen
  • You have conflict in your relationships that you aren't sure how to improve
  • You have had a recent death or loss of someone important to you and don't know how to move forward
  • You are a police officer, medical professional, military veteran, social worker, or other first responder who is experiencing job stress, a recent trauma, difficulty sleeping, emotional distress, or family conflict
  • You want to live the best life you can but aren't sure how to get there
Everyone goes through difficult times. If you are struggling with any of these life challenges, Melinda offers you support, encouragement, and a helping hand. She provides supportive and personalized solutions for you and your family - so you can get back to living the life you've always wanted to create!

​Interested in How to Get Started?

Choosing a therapist can be overwhelming and finding the right person is the most important factor in reaching your personal goals.


If you would like to see how Melinda may be able to help you achieve the life you want, take the leap and explore the rest of the website!

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