Life often presents with challenging situations that can feel overwhelming. Are you are facing a recent life change, death or loss of a loved one, health issue, family conflict,  job stress, or other struggle? It often helps to have a neutral and supportive person to enable you to cope with stress and provide you with the encouragement and tools to assist in healing and reaching your life goals.


Family is often the most important aspect of life - but can also be one of the most challenging. If your family is navigating some tough times and need to improve communication, Melinda can help. By understanding the perspective of each family member from a neutral position and providing support and encouragement, Melinda can help each member feel connected and ready to make change!


Children who are experiencing family conflict, a medical illness, school problems, trouble with their peers, or physical/sexual abuse often struggle to express how they are feeling and don't always know how to cope. When a child is having a hard time, they show it by withdrawing, becoming anxious, or acting out. Melinda can help give your child a safe place to talk about their feelings, gain skills to manage behaviors and thoughts, and help parents find the right words and actions to help their child become their best self again.


Teenagers are at the point in their lives where they are trying to separate from adults and "create themselves." Often they face incredible amounts of stress, peer pressure, and conflict at home and school. For a teen who is working towards becoming a young adult, this time can be confusing and scary. Melinda will work with your teen to provide a safe and confidential environment to explore their feelings and challenges while encouraging positive decision making that will help meet their life goals. 


Partnerships bring us love, security, and hopes for a happy future. Creating a life together can also bring conflict, stress, broken trust, and feelings of disconnection. Communication and support of each other's life goals is imperative. If you would like to improve your relationship and work towards regaining the partnership you have always wanted, Melinda can help improve communication by providing a supportive place to be able to work towards your goals together. 


Police officers, firemen/women, paramedics, military personnel, child welfare workers, and emergency room/hospital staff often choose their careers with the goal of making a difference. While on the job, first responders face life and death situations on a regular basis. put themselves at risk of physical harm to help others, and cope with unimaginable situations. This work takes a toll on your emotions, relationships, health, and ability to cope. As a hospital trauma social worker for over a decade, Melinda understands the unique first responder and paramilitary culture.  The effects of the job can sometimes sneak up on you and create significant distress. Melinda provides a safe and CONFIDENTIAL place to work through the impact being a first responder has on your life. Melinda will help you protect and heal your mind and heart.